SlenderWall® is a proprietary exterior cladding wall system with superb design flexibility. Our architectural precast concrete/steel-stud building panels offer limitless combinations of architectural precast textures, colors, shapes and finishes. In addition, it is lightweight (about 30 lbs. per square foot compared to approximately 85 lbs. for traditional heavy architectural precast), economical (reduces building foundation and structure costs, plus shipping and installation costs), and perfect for both re-cladding and new construction. The SlenderWall® panel’s exterior surface is 2-inches of reinforced high-strength architectural precast concrete separated from the steel stud by ½” air space reduces thermal transfer between the materials. The inside surface is 14-16 gauge, 6-inch galvanized steel studs spaced vertically at 2-foot centers. The architectural concrete is secured to the steel-stud frame with ThermaGuard™ a proprietary connection system utilizing insulated, stainless-steel welded Nelson® anchors. SlenderWall® has been fully tested and meets the required ASTM and AAMA standards. SlenderWall® is used for new construction, re-cladding, and renovation of large, multi-story commercial buildings.


SlenderWall® provides designers with unique and limitless design flexibility and function…plus SlenderWall® has five proprietary features yielding benefits that no other wall system provides.
  • Superb architectural design flexibility (limitless combinations of architectural precast textures, colors, shapes and finishes)
  • Superior durability
  • Permanent components
  • Plant-produced quality
  • Lightweight (about 30 lbs. per square foot compared to approx. 85 lbs. for heavy architectural precast)
  • Economical (reduces building foundation and structure costs plus shipping and installation costs)
  • Makes cantilever designs practical
  • Mounts outboard of the floor slab, yielding bonus square footage on each floor
  • Perfect for both re-cladding and new construction
  • Smaller cranes and fewer trailers to jockey
Unit of Measure


Industry Focus

N/A Architecture Commercial Construction Design-Build

Wall Type

N/A Cladding Curtainwall Exterior Wall System Precast Exterior Wall


N/A Virtually unlimited design flexibility. Leesburg Concrete can provide all the textures and colors found in the PCI Guide (PC I - Prestressed Concrete Institute) We have name a few below to get you started:

Architectural Brick
Capitol Granite
Carolina Granite
Colorado Granite
Buff Limestone
Desert Limestone
Indiana Limestone
And Many Other Custom Patterns.

Concrete Type

N/A Reinforced Architectural Mix designed with integral color
  • G90 Galvanized Welded
  • Wire Mesh Reinforced

Steel Frame

  • 14 & 16 guage G90 Galvanized 6" Studs
  • With Nelson® Stud Anchors
  • 1/2" air space between concrete and steel reduces thermal transfer.


  • Weighs 1/3 of Traditional Architectural Precast
  • Complete Turnkey System – Ready for insulation or drywall.
  • Install outboard of floor - Adds to the Amount of Usable Interior Space
  • Meets Seismic & Windload Requirements
  • Energy Efficient

Industry Standards

N/A NPCA Plant (National Precast Concrete Association)
  • We are rated top 10% in the nation in quality control
ANSI (American National Standards Institute)
  • ANSI/ASCE 7-93 Wind Load Calculations
Design standards comply with:
  • ACI 318M
  • PCI MNL 120
  • ASTM E90 - Sound Transmission
  • ASTM E 283 - Air Infiltration
  • ASTM E 330 - Structural Performance
  • ASTM E 330 - Preload at 50% design
  • ASTM E 331 - Static Pressure Water Resistance
  • AAMA 501.1 - Dynamic Pressure Water Resistance
  • AAMA 501.4 - Interstory Differential Movement/Seismic Movement
  • AAMA 501.5 - Thermal Cycling/Condensation Evaluation: AAMA 501.5-98
  • AAMA 1503 - Thermal Transmission
  • ASTM C94 - Ready Mix Concrete
  • ASTM C31 - Standard Practice for Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field
  • ASTM C685 - Standard Specification for Concrete Made by Volumetric Batching and Continuous Mixing
  • ATSM 94 - Ready Mix Concrete
LEED Accredited (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
We meet all state and federal Building Codes

Concrete Testing Methods

N/A Air And much more
  • Technical Design Guides are available.
Load Shear Slump Temperature Tensile Unit Weight

Production Volume

N/A Capable of 40 yard per hour in our state of the art manufacturing facility which includes a computer controlled mixer.
  • Specialty Manufacturing
  • High Volume

Thickness (Exterior)

N/A 2 in (Reinforced)

Interior Dimensions

N/A 14 & 16 gauge 6 inch G90 galvanized steel studs

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