• Traditional Architectural Precast Cladding

    In 2009, with the completion of our 18,000 square foot state of the art precision precast production facility, Leesburg Concrete entered the field of Architectural Precast. Our expanded capability and capacity made this a perfect match. Traditional Architectural Precast Cladding and SlenderWall have been added to our product family for manufacturing. Now as an NPCA Certified Plant we are here to assist you with quality, handsome, precast concrete exterior building panels.

    Architectural Precast offers aesthetically pleasing design with limitless choices of textures, shapes and colors while providing the durability and ease of installation that you get with architectural precast concrete. An economic solution which affords beautiful structural detail, durability and low maintenance to architects designers and owners.

  • SlenderWall-Architectural-Panel-Cutaway

    SlenderWall® is a proprietary exterior cladding wall system with superb design flexibility. Our architectural precast concrete/steel-stud building panels offer limitless combinations of architectural precast textures, colors, shapes and finishes. In addition, it is lightweight (about 30 lbs. per square foot compared to approximately 85 lbs. for traditional heavy architectural precast), economical (reduces building foundation and structure costs, plus shipping and installation costs), and perfect for both re-cladding and new construction. The SlenderWall® panel’s exterior surface is 2-inches of reinforced high-strength architectural precast concrete separated from the steel stud by ½” air space reduces thermal transfer between the materials. The inside surface is 14-16 gauge, 6-inch galvanized steel studs spaced vertically at 2-foot centers. The architectural concrete is secured to the steel-stud frame with ThermaGuard™ a proprietary connection system utilizing insulated, stainless-steel welded Nelson® anchors. SlenderWall® has been fully tested and meets the required ASTM and AAMA standards. SlenderWall® is used for new construction, re-cladding, and renovation of large, multi-story commercial buildings.


    SlenderWall® provides designers with unique and limitless design flexibility and function…plus SlenderWall® has five proprietary features yielding benefits that no other wall system provides.

    • Superb architectural design flexibility (limitless combinations of architectural precast textures, colors, shapes and finishes)
    • Superior durability
    • Permanent components
    • Plant-produced quality
    • Lightweight (about 30 lbs. per square foot compared to approx. 85 lbs. for heavy architectural precast)
    • Economical (reduces building foundation and structure costs plus shipping and installation costs)
    • Makes cantilever designs practical
    • Mounts outboard of the floor slab, yielding bonus square footage on each floor
    • Perfect for both re-cladding and new construction
    • Smaller cranes and fewer trailers to jockey